Frankie Poulos Foundation

"Someday I hope to have a major positive influence on people and share all the love I have received with others."

- Frankie Poulos, 1992


Each December, when we put the lights on Frankie's tree and the contributions start coming in, joy returns, and our lives, and the lives of many others, bear the unmistakable mark of his life. Since starting the Frankie Poulos Foundation in 1994, our annual Holiday fundraiser has raised over $263,000 and collected thousands of Teddy Bears for Novato Youth organizations.

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Where does the money go?
Our only expense is a small mailing each year. We have no employees. All the money goes to youth groups in Novato CA (the town Frankie grew up in) that have a personal connection to Frankie and an ongoing commitment to young people. Here are a few of the organizations the foundation has contributed to:

San Marin Music Program: Frankie's godmother, Emily Gates, over the last 30+ years has grown a world-class music program. Allison McIvor now continues that legacy of excellence.

Marin Summer Theater (MST): An evening theater program for students of performing arts between the ages of 13 and 23. Young people get an opportunity to work with theater professionals in high quality productions.

Novato Youth Center: Their mission is to inspire and prepare youth to succeed. Frankie spent many wonderful days there. The Frankie money supports families who need assistance. This is also the permanent home of "Frankie's Tree."

Gary Gates Girls Softball Field: Gary Gates was an iconic girls' softball coach in Novato. He was also Frankie's godfather. The Frankie money supports their scholarship fund.

Sinaloa Middle School: Frankie attended Sinaloa. We have supported their Leadership and anti-bullying initiatives.

San Marin High School Peer Counseling Program: Frankie was a proud member of this life-saving program.

Dr. Sonee Weedn: Special fund that supports young people in Novato who would benefit from counseling, but cannot afford it.

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